If you're looking to open the door to your Subconscious... this is the place to start!

Shadow Work involves getting in touch with our subconscious desires/fears, suppressed emotions, and societal conditioning. After we learn what subconscious beliefs we have, we can choose which ones run our life.

I've dedicated this school to the Shadow Work process, because I believe it is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life!

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"Megann’s quick wit, intuition, and adaptability allow her to be an amazing coach to anyone willing to really do the work that’s necessary to foster beneficial change. She’s helped me learn so much about myself and get to the crux of my issues that I now can recognize and work on solitarily. I highly recommend anyone looking for a positive change in their lives, or even just a wake-up call, to utilize her services. She’s absolutely brilliant and I cannot stress enough how grateful I am that stumbled upon her page serendipitously! She’s helped change me, how I see myself, and my overall place in life for the better."

- Brianna B., 2021

Hi, I’m Meg!

I'm a Spiritual Life Coach from Baltimore, Maryland specializing in Shadow Work and Meditation Practices. I like to bring a humanized approach to Spirituality-- it can often get very esoteric very fast!

My favorite topics to dissect are the Function of Ego, Mindfulness, Inner Child Healing, Perception, and the Art of Detachment.

I help clients embody their true being by removing negative Conditioning, reframing self-talk, healing traumatic wounding, and embodying a higher vision for themselves.